Instead of getting a new bung drilled in the exhaust, I’ve decided to go the route of using the new wideband with the narrowband emulator and just replace the narrowband. Unfortunately, in order to do this the ‘right’ way, I have to get a new male connector to match the one on the original O2 sensor.  My research seems to indicate that GM Part #15305960 / AC Delco PT1069 is the proper replacement. Some things I’ve read suggested putting a 20 Ohm resistor on the heating lines to the original sensor so the computer doesn’t get upset, but it should be likely that I can turn that code off. I haven’t had a chance to check on that yet. I’d rather not just dump power into resistors if I don’t need to, that just seems like it’s asking for problems down the road.

I’d also like to run wires off the stock fuse block by using some of the empty fuse sockets, but I’m not 100% sure what pins I need to order. It’s raining out currently, and it would involve popping out the existing fuse block to figure out how to do it properly since I can’t seem to find documentation anywhere online.