Stuff that needs to be fixed so far on MTBProject:

Need more pictures of trails!

River Bends

  • Missing new blue sections of the main loop
  • Remove Swamp loop and other references to it since it’s closed.
  • Two track?
  • OMID trail?

Stony Creek

  • Add Trolley Trails?


  • Lots of connector/stub trails missing

Addison Oaks

  • Snow bike loop?

Bald Mountain

  • Completely missing. Need both South and North. Haven’t ever ridden south, need to ride it before writing something up about it.

Lake Orion High School

  • Completely missing. Haven’t ridden it yet either.

Orion Oaks

  • Missing. Is it really worth adding though?

Ortonville Rec

  • Missing short loop connector segment

Holly Rec

  • Missing Wilderness Loop, Haven’t ridden.
  • Turtle Trail?

Holly High School

  • Missing, Haven’t ridden.

Pontiac Lake

  • Hard/Easy sections?

Seven Lakes

  • Missing. Need to do some better mapping for out there though if it is to be added.

Clinton River Park Trail

  • Missing?
  • Need to capture all the parking areas for the map.

Columbus County Park

  • Does this actually exist yet?

Ruby Campground

  • Missing. Haven’t ridden here. Would like to be able to map out the back side of the park too, might have to wait until spring.