I think I should probably consider building a custom fuel rail so I can throw a temp sensor as well as a pressure sensor just prior to each injector. I’d probably also benefit from switching to return line style at the same time and just go the full mile. I’m planning on going up to MTU sometime this month; I’ll make as much free time as I can to play with the CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) stuff in the MEEM to try to get a good idea of if I need to shape the rail specially in order to ensure that each port is getting the same pressure and temp fuel. I’ll make sure I bring all the dimensions of things I need with me when I go up there so I don’t have to just guess. It may be a good idea to just draft something simple up in the meantime as well.

I’ve seen some of the extruded Al fuel rails that can be used for race engines, and it seems like they don’t take into consideration needing to flow the fuel to the injector. The injector ports aren’t smoothed at all and the fuel flowing past the injectors would likely create a slight low pressure system with a significant amount of turbulence right in front of the injector. The injector itself should be responsible for fuel atomization, not the fuel rail.

Needing to leave room for all the wiring and sensors in the rail will probably be an interesting exercise if I want to try to keep everything under the existing shroud, but it would definitely be the preferred solution.