So I’ve had the thought for a few years to convert my car to run on E85 rather than 93 octane fuel. I finally got the ambition to try it out, so I ordered a set of 80#/hr injectors and installed them. I’ve been using my hptuners device to flash and calibrate the car to run more acceptably. So far it definitely seems as though there will be a possibility of increasing the power over the 93 tune.  The wideband O2 sensor I ordered from plx devices will hopefully arrive this week some time, so I’ll be able to tune off the AFR instead of the LTFTs. LTFTs have gotten me a lot closer than my calculated tune was able to do, but there’s still a whole lot of progress to do before I can consider it tuned right. I’m hoping to be able to adjust the base timing table as well, so that can be optimized for fuel efficiency and power. I’ll update with more information as I can.