So, two days after having to drain the engine of water it ingested because of A2DOT breaking a water main, the car seems to be ‘happy’ again.

I unfortunately had to put 93 octane gas into the tank last night because I still don’t know where enough E85 stations are everywhere. I need to make a map or something perhaps. I set the AFR to 12.5 to try to get a decent middle ground for either fill of E85 or 93. I’m still -20 in some of the LTFT cells where more power is made, but it’s only around -7 on average in the cells I’ve tuned the most, so there is quite a bit of work left for me to do on the VEs. I’d much rather be -20 on gas than +20 on E85, however.

The wideband O2 sensor is supposed to come on Monday. I’m planning on getting the fuel rail tapped this weekend so I can run the fuel all out with the fuel pump. Hopefully this means I’ll have a chance of being able to tune to consistant fuel.